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Wife Tempting (2019)

Wife Tempting (2019)

NC-17Genre: Adult, Erotic, Film Semi
Quality: Year: Duration: 67 MinView: 2,361 views
45 votes, average 7.2 out of 10

Jung-il and Se-jin, who are getting married, see Min-woo and Yun-jin’s house while searching for a house. Minwoo falls in love with Jung Il’s wife, Yoonjin, and Minwoo also likes Sejin. Minwoo goes to Yoon-jin’s house where she has an excuse for wanting to see her house again. She has sex with Yoon-jin. After moving, we can’t forget each other, What will happen to mixed desires?

Tagline:Tonight I’m addicted to someone other than my wife

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